Date: 1st March 2012 at 2:44pm
Written by:

I was hesitant to slap Terry Connor twice in the same day but if the shoe fits, and all that.

Today’s press remarks from the man in charge smack of the McCarthy tradition we grew accustomed to.

According to Connor, he does not feel we are ‘in a mess.’ The reasoning…

I never thought we were in a mess. For the last two years in the Premier League, we`ve always worked in the bottom-six clubs. So where we are now is no different to what we`ve been doing for the last two or three years.’

To me, that defines a mess. If a perpetual struggle against relegation is not, then I don’t know what is.

Disarrangement, disarray and disorganization are three Webster proposals that fit rather well with Wolves; my concern is that this smacks of a continuation of delusion in which mistakes are accepted as given and our survival chances hang on the balance of us cutting out mistakes and ‘getting better.’

He has a duty to speak to the press but he is singing from the same sheet that must be stapled to the back of his clipboard.

I would much rather hear him acknowledge five wins from 26 games this season and our continued back peddling over the course of more than thirty million and two and a half years is far from ”normal’ or ‘acceptable.’

It is a mess and he is charged with sorting it out. Do yourself a favour and ease up on the clap trap because it is taking the shine of the gloss of your honeymoon.