Date: 2nd November 2018 at 12:36pm
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With news this week that Wolverhampton Wanderers had struck an agreement with Sporting Lisbon over the signing of Portuguese international goalkeeper Rui Patricio, Wolves fans were obviously delighted that the distraction was now over.

With the 30-year-old cancelling his contract at Sporting Lisbon following players being confronted and attacked at their training ground, he cancelled his contract along with many other players and having backed out of negotiations originally with Wolves, Sporting kicked up a fuss in the media complete with threats, when the reality was Wolves had done nothing wrong.

It was an interesting public relations campaign that they would never have tested in front of FIFA as a loss would’ve been worth far more than Patricio given the other players who walked away from the club and the likely outcome was always the stink was just designed to get Wolves back to the table so they could save some face.

That’s exactly what happened and it was exactly what was expected.

That was obviously the thrust of all the comments, but there were some interesting offers from other directions but that was to be expected wasn’t it.