Date: 19th September 2011 at 2:44pm
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Once again following a game involving Joey Barton we are discussing his actions and post-match comments rather than the game.

On this occasion, considering the game, that could be a blessing in disguise, but it is rather ironic that it’s Barton who is accusing Karl Henry of ‘always sticking his foot in and trying to hurt people’ and being ‘out to make a name for himself’, when the QPR midfielder is well known for his bad tackles and has done nothing but shout his mouth off to everyone on Twitter since his falling out with the board at Newcastle, something which in turn has made him lots of headlines and taken up plenty of column inches in the newspapers!

And his latest rant on Sky Sports’ Goals on Sunday will guarantee a few more column inches so Barton can continue to see his name in the papers for a few more days to come.

Anyway to summarise, the game is coming to an end and we have been well beaten. Karl Henry and Joey Barton have a little tussle and as ever, it’s Barton down acting injured.

No foul was given by the referee and within seconds Barton is winking and blowing kisses at the crowd, reminding us the score is 3-0.

It’s all good panto and I’ve got no issue with that at all, although obviously some will.

But you would think that once the final whistle had blown it would be all over, but nope, not when Joey Barton is involved.

‘Kelvin Henry – he loves it, doesn’t he, Always sticking his foot in and trying to hurt people. Why doesn’t he do it when it is 0-0 in the game?

‘He has gone out to make a name for himself in my opinion. He keeps doing these interviews saying he is this throw-back to this old-fashioned footballer.

‘I’ve made challenges and I embrace the fact that there is a physical element to our game, but I think there is a fine line between being physical and actually going out to hurt people, to make a name for it.

‘No-one knew Kelvin Henry before he started kicking lumps out of me in that game (last season against Newcastle).’ Barton added.

Over the weekend Barton didn’t just leave his anti-Wolves sniping to Sky Sports as he also tweeted: ‘Wolves snubbed me’ I read in this morning papers hahahahahaha….don’t know what Mick’s been smoking……#hesoffhisbarnet #porkypies

Vital Wolves Comment: Considering Barton is yet to be smacked across the knuckles for his online comments in the past, it is unlikely he will be told off on this occasion.

But you would think he could still be charged with bringing the game into disrepute regarding his comments over Henry, especially if Wolves do complain.

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