Date: 1st November 2018 at 10:16am
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Yesterday, Wolverhampton Wanderers confirmed what many fans had long suspected, despite Sporting’s blathering in the media and the illogical thoughts of fans from elsewhere, and we agreed a fee for goalkeeper Rui Patricio.

Having moved to us as a free agent after the 30-year-old Portuguese international stopper had rescinded his contract at Sporting Lisbon following the behaviour of some of their fans at the clubs’ training ground, the issues carried in the media always existed outside of Wolves and I’d long said – and plenty of others had, I’m not special – the most likely outcome was always going to be a negotiated settlement that saw Sporting save some face and ensure no ruling from FIFA went against them because of ongoing issues they have with other players who equally terminated their deals.

It was a power play from the club for fans and a face saving exercise in the press, nothing more, nothing less.

We have now agreed what many believe was the original fee we offered them before their President started game playing, so it doesn’t affect us in a single way – the money was already accounted for in the summer budget – and in no way have we been punished as we did nothing wrong.

They will receive 18million Euros, Patricio has compromised a touch according to reports and there other bits that again don’t concern Wolves directly.

So issue closed.