Date: 11th March 2011 at 2:33pm
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All season Mick McCarthy and his players have on repeated occasions publicly champoined the togetherness of the squad, those in particular who have spent long periods on the bench waiting for their turn, but it came as no surprise today when McCarthy mentioned that a couple of the squad have spoken of going out on loan- thoughts which the boss was quick to stamp out.

Young Banksy has mentioned JVD a few times recently and whilst I was disapointed to see the player go at the time, the fashion and more so the speed in which he spat out his dummy- I compare the now and then and I can say I am happy we don’t have a player like that around anymore.

Breakfast waffles and lemonade in leafy parks must surely be making him feel better about life again.

There is no mention of when these potential moves were discussed, but if it has come up over the course of the past week, the timing would prove pretty and will walk hand in hand with the defeatist attitudes of the players.

The nature of football, and footballers, the ups and the downs were brought into stark reality in the lead up to the Tottenham game when, with Jamie O’ Hara already ruled out, two more midfielders were deemed unfit (Jones and Edwards) as well as Zubar being ruled out with a back problem. Losing four players ahead of such a game, any game in fact and the ‘constraints’ of a 25 man squad (how many sides can say ‘any’ of their named 25 are as good as the rest of the squad- see Blackpool for one glaring example)suddenly puts a major strain on a any given squad, so the timing was not so bright.

As well as their quality and commitment on the pitch, you need look no further than Nenad Nilijias and Ronald Zubar for two better examples of players who came to a new counrty not being able to speak the language, not knowing the culture, having to adapt their games to meet Premiership standards, also spending time away from their family and the whole transition process of moving to a new country- and look at them now- every other word is ‘gaffa’ or something similar 🙂 They talk like they have worked their way up from the pub leagues.

The return of Kightly, no one knew or knows whether his knees will stand the test of time, has us rubbing our hands together as we head into the final run in with a player capable of turning games close to a return at such a critical time. From the few stories leading up to his return, a sensible approach considering a fifteen month lay off, there were a few mentioned that he could go out on loan, but I think he may have taken ten or twelve days longer than they expected to return to the reserves and it has reached a time where a loan move and the 28 day rule would work against us, and the player. I do not fault Kightly, because his main aim was to get match fit and mentioned that if he had to drop down to get a month under his belt to imrpove his chances then it was an option. His goal however, was geared to proving his fitness in order to be able to pull on a Wolves shirt again.

Today, Mick says Steven Mouyokolo ‘does feel on the fringes’ and in dismissing the chances of any of the players going out on loan for the reasons mentioned above it would appear pretty clear the player(s) have actually asked.

Mouyokolo is a difficult call for me- I forget he is at the club half the time, because he seems to have been injrued since the day he walked through the door and perhaps I just skim over his repeated returns from this or that injury because he does not tend to feature either way before his next injury. And why would he? It makes you wonder about his injury past, but based on those he has had since being at Wolves, why would you ease him into the team when you are ultimately looking for a settled side (don’t laugh.)

I would say this player has already marked his cards and will be leaving in the summer, no doubt at a loss because I can’t see anyone matching what we paid. He has around 60 career games under his belt which include second division football in France and a season getting relegated with Hull before signing for us. At last count I think he has played four times.
Good luck to him.

The one that irks is David Jones who brings some humor to ‘fringe player’ considering his is more than a match for Stevie G at Liverpool.

I have always maintained that Jones is a quality footballer, a quick and tidy passer of the ball who will also give you goals. I argued in the season however that I would prefer to see a player of lesser talents but a will to make a name for himself at the club ahead of him in the side, because whilst you may sacrifice some quality I think you may reap from that extra ten per cent someone is going to give you throwing himself into every challenge on top of the rest of his game in order to try and make that shirt his.

Jones application has not been questioned when he has played but when you see the likes of Zubar pumping his fists in the air, getting the crowd going, clutching the shirt you just don’t sense that Jones has much passion for the club or pride in te shirt other than the fact he gets to wear one.

I think it was chuckling too heartily to take notice of the when or where but I do remember a small piece covering his eligibility to play for either England or Wales due to his parentage. The mind boggles. A menacing site him and Gerrard lining up in the middle for England, or perhaps Fab Cap would play them both on the left side of a 7 man midfield?

His motivation for a loan move I have the greatest problem with. He and his agent have shown no desire or effort known to us in in the player staying at the club beyond the end of the season. You wouldn’t mind if he had said a couple of times ‘I would like/I hope to be a Wolves player next year’ but he has kept it zipped.

The club offered a contract and not only was it turned down there was no mention of negotiation; Mick has commented on several occasions on the issue and seems resigned to the player leaving in the summer.

Jones will allow his contract to run out and secure a fatter pay packet elsewhere and what better way to maximise his demands than shining in a Championship outfit over the course of the last ten games with Premiership pedigree already established.
The combination of a request being put forward, and the players we have returning from injury, Jones may well find himself sat in the stands for the rest of the season wondering if he will still be able to afford those smart haircuts come the summer.

New York City Wolf