Date: 20th November 2010 at 6:45pm
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Match report will be up whenever I get over my disappointment and bewilderment following yet another defeat and stop staring at the league table wondering why the only reason we are not bottom is because West Ham are proving beyond shambolic.

Having watched the game, I have hit up all the forums and although I resisted writing it during the week because I truly wished/still hope McCarthy could/can? turn this around (95% of fans on local rag Express & Star were already calling for his sacking during the week) there is no escaping the fact that Wolves fans are now calling for change.

Whilst there are several idiotic comments, usually no longer than a disjointed sentence, the majority are clearly at pains, thanking Mick for everything he has done before almost apologetically calling for his dismissal.

I have repeatedly held my hands up and said that I never wanted Mick McCarthy in the first place but have back him from the day he was appointed and whether he is given the opportunity to salvage what is, let’s face it, a dire situation, or is fired, he has changed our club forever.

I for one will be eternally grateful for the culture he has injected into the club. Despite the way he presents himself you won’t find a more dedicated, passionate, straight talking manager than Mick McCarthy and whatever goes on on the training pitch, beyond closed doors, we don’t know- we only see the results, and I am not talking about points and such I am referring to the mentality and spirit his squad harp on about interview after interview. Even those that don’t get a game, those that have every right to be in the side but find themselves on the bench, can not praise the manager enough, can hardly find the words to describe the spirit and ‘togetherness’ they share and bang on defeat after defeat always believing in themselves and supporting those who start ahead of them.

It is miraculous that he has managed to bring some many players so close together. In all my years watching Wolves this lot of ours now, I have never seen so much pain written across faces following defeats- the squad we have love this club and it is killing them game after game, performance after performance to repeatedly walk away with nothing.

So what now. The what now is that as I write West Ham are three down at Liverpool (we were bottom as it stood nil nil) and five points from 17th.

I asked that if we could not beat Blackpool then who could we beat. Blackpool have stunned us all and despite my insistence for months they will still get relegated I override my ignorance and following a reality check recognize the fact that we are staring relegation in the face.

The fans are treating Mick with respect whilst calling for change based on rational arguments. I howled from the South Bank from Graham Taylor’s sacking. I hope that after all he has done for the club Mick McCarthy does not go through the same.

Ultimately, our club is owned by a business man who had grand visions for our future that all falling apart before his very eyes.

Considering how well we play, considering everything Mick has done, I am sure that Morgan has fired plenty of people to ensure his business not only avoided failure, but most importantly prospered and sadly I suspect then sooner rather than later, as in possibly next week, the axe will fall.

I said in an article earlier in the season that we have been blessed to have Mick around for the past four years and hoped we would have him around for the next four.

I am not calling for his sacking, but merely reporting the plain reality that if the fans who fork out thousands to follow the club we love have lost the faith then how is the bloke prepared to invest another 20 million feeling right now.

It will be a shame the day it happens but that’s football. Mick will get another job and all we have to do is maintain our vitriolic support for the team and the club whoever is calling the shots from the dug out.

New York City Wolf