Date: 22nd July 2010 at 2:09pm
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The twentieth Vital Wolves fan interview of the summer has now been completed and next into the the hot seat is New York City Wolf.

Question 1: What is your username on Vital Wolves?

New York City Wolf

Question 2: How long have you supported Wolves?

28 years…..

Question 3: How did you become a Wolves fan?

First team I ever supported was Liverpool, for a season, because I asked my Dad who was the best and filled out my wall chart. Next season I was laughing at him when Wolves were 2-0 down at half time- when I saw him jumping around when they drew 2-2 I thought yeah, that’s my team as well. Was a big 4th division game after all.

Question 4: Where do you travel from to see the wolves play?

New York! When I am home twice a year

Question 5: Do you have a pre match ritual or lucky Wolves charm and what is it?


Question 6: Which stand do you sit in at Molineux?

South Bank

Question 7: What is your favourite Wolves chant?

Where The Hell Are You From?….

Question 8: Are you pro or anti Mick McCarthy?

100% Pro

Question 9: What was your assessment of last season?

Triumph. Now it seems just like the first brick put down for a very exciting future.

Question 10: Do you think when Mick changed the whole side against Man Utd was a good decision or not and what would you think if he did it next season ?

When it happened, with everyone buzzing on the back of the Spurs win, I was disgusted, but those out there will argue it allowed us to beat Burnley. If it happened again this season, my reaction would be the same. You can’t expect fans to pay that for that.

Question 11: Do you think Wolverhampton can establish themselves in the Premier League and once again, become a great club?

Without a doubt- the club is in the best run hands it has been throughout my life supporting them. Bless Jack and his FA Cup dream, but when these 3 put there heads together, they changed the culture of the club, from top to bottom. From the day he walked in, Mick lay down the rules of expectancy. Now look at us.

Question 12: Predictions for Wolves next season, where do we need to strengthen, should Mick stick with one up front?

I don’t even think it was a negative system because when we broke on teams, we broke fast. Inter Milan got great credit for it- we got called boring. In the meantime- can you imagine Morgan sat there flicking tenners in his wallet, saying- so this Fletcher, sub right? I expect us to go 4-4-2 or a variation of it for what, 70% of our games this season. The obvious ones, home and away, I expect us to revert to a variation of the one up front.

Question 13: Where do you think Wolves will finish next season?

As high as 10th, probably 12th, but I would take 14th. If we can improve every season the money keeps coming in, the quality expands, the stadium does, and this club truly has the potential to put 50,000 in there every home game if we are pushing for something special come 5 years time.

Question 14: Where do you see Wolves in the next 5 to 10 years?

I should have read this question before the one above. Mick has transformed the club over the course of the last four years- I hope we have him for another four because I love the ethic, the culture, the demands on our players. He has injected everything that was missing for the 15 odd years we were stuck in the old 1st division. Inflated transfer fees, inflated wages for Dandy’s picking up their last supper- the young and hungry culture spelled out from day one continues to this day. Figure out the average age of our team. When you look at the plans for expansion, and consider the fact only two clubs have spent more than us this summer? This club should be expecting a top ten finish next season if not this. From there, we can only grow?

Question 15: How do you see Sylvain Ebanks-Blake figuring into the team this upcoming season, if at all?

I think it will be impossible for him to have less of an impact than last season. He never looked fit, he was well of the pace, he was carrying an extra stone on his backside alone, and his confidence was quickly shot to pieces. I think he will regularly score from the bench or cause sides problems. Will he shift Doyle or Fletch from the side? – I doubt it.

Question 16: If you could pick one highlight as a Wolves fan what would it be?

Steve Bull’s goal against Bolton when we beat them one nil. As soon as he turned I was up and cheering well before it hit the net. Most Wolves fans will know the goal- those there will never forget it.

Question 17: What is the worst Wolves match you have ever seen and why?

Anything under the Hoddle debacle.

Question 18: Has your support for Wolverhampton Wanderers ever wavered?

It used to be difficult as a 16 year old earning crap wages from a crap job and stumping up the ticket money every week, but you would still be there the next.

Question 19: Who is your all time favourite Wolves player?

The King.

Question 20: If money and status was no object, who would you most like to see in a Wolves shirt?

Steve Bull put in some weird oxygen tank and given the opportunity to prove he would score at the top, which is sadly debated. You don’t get higher than representing your country. Point made.

Question 21: What Wolves player from history would you want in next seasons team?


Question 22: If you could attend any game in Wolves history, which would it be and why?

The game against Bolton again because that was the day that cemented a hero and tied me to The Wolves forever.

Thanks to New York City Wolf for agreeing to be our twentieth interview!

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