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The nineteenth Vital Wolves fan interview of the summer has now been completed and next into the the hot seat is Norsk Wolf.

Question 1: What is your username on Vital Wolves?

Norsk Wolf

Question 2: How long have you supported Wolves?


Question 3: How did you become a Wolves fan?

I was born in Wolverhampton but at the time was living in Bilston, my dad decided to buy me and my older brother a football strip but said who ever we picked we would have to support them for the rest of our lives. My brother went for an Everton strip, I was tempted by the Arsenal one as that was the flashiest at the time but a sad form of loyalty was already forming in a young mind so I went for the Wolves

Question 4: Where do you travel from to see the wolves play?

Very rarely get the chance to make it to games anymore but when I do I travel from my home in Norway. Growing up north of Manchester I used to use my paperround

oney to get to games via the train something I did not let the old man know about.

Question 5: Do you have a pre match ritual or lucky Wolves charm and what is it?

Couple of pints in the goal post.

Question 6: Which stand do you sit in at Molineux?

Anywhere I can get a ticket, did a box once but would not do that again as the atmosphere is totally missing

Question 7: What is your favourite Wolves chant?

Stevie Bulls a tatter.

Question 8: Are you pro or anti Mick McCarthy?

Definitely pro, Wolves major problems over their recent history is that it did not give some of their managers enough time to do anything of worthy note.

t also did not back managers like Dave Jones once he had got them up. I would have also given Taylor more time, but Hoddle wrong planet. Mick McCarthy for

e is the ideal guy for the club we are. He is decent straight talking and will do a good job given the right backing. He has frustrated me over some of his choices

ut he got the job done last season and I am sure he will do it again if everyone sticks behind him through thick and thin.

Question 9: What was your assessment of last season?

Considering some of the shocking decisions that went against us early on (we could have finished mid table) I was very pleased with the result. After our last disappointing outing in the prem at the start of the season one above the drop was good enough for me so it was objective achieved.

Question 10: Do you think when Mick changed the whole side against Man Utd was a good decision or not and what would you think if he did it next season ?

I think it was a brilliant decision and as the manager he should be able to pick any from his squad if he thinks it will be best for the team. It did however show the divide in the Prem as to how the FA look at established teams and the lower echelon boys. There is way too much bias in favour of the Big 4. If Mick decides to do it again next season then thats fine as the following Wednesday we will have an easier home game against Arsenal 🙂

Question 11: Do you think Wolverhampton can establish themselves in the Premier League and once again, become a great club?

Yes but it will take years. This is where it will be so important for fans to stick with the team through some pretty lean times. We cannot expect realistically to be top 4 after a couple of seasons back in the big time.

Question 12: Predictions for Wolves next season, where do we need to strengthen, should Mick stick with one up front?

Tough time ahead but that is how it will be for a long time. Left back scared me the most last season, think Big George is a cracking fellah but out paced and looked

ost on most set pieces so that is the most important one for me. I would spend the most money on a decent midfielder who can hold the ball well and distribute it with some great vision. As for 1 up front, Mick will decide when it is best to play that role.

Question 13: Where do you think Wolves will finish next season?

Mid table would be a great finish but one place above last season is still progress. 12th.

Question 14: Where do you see Wolves in the next 5 to 10 years?

Hopefully inside the top 10 each year would be a great achievement.

Question 15: How do you see Sylvain Ebanks-Blake figuring into the team this upcoming season, if at all?

I know Sylvain will come good. We need to keep the faith with the guy. Even when he was playing and not scoring his work rate and the trouble he was causing defences should not be overlooked. Definitely a confidence thing with him but lets not forget who got us to the promised land.

Question 16: If you could pick one highlight as a Wolves fan what would it be?

I was at the 1980 final at Wembley and it was a great day but the play off final has to be the best, to be 3 up so quickly and then a penalty save meant it was

robably the only high pressure game that Wolves have been in where I have been relaxed from about 30 mins in.

Question 17: What is the worst Wolves match you have ever seen and why?

Chorley Town. Chorley Town.

Question 18: Has your support for Wolverhampton Wanderers ever wavered?

Never. Even when I was in the army out in places like Africa I would set up an antenna so that I could tune the army radio into the world service to find out how many Bully had scored that weekend. There have been some dark days at the Molineux especially with the likes of the Bhatti brothers who were so instrumental in the near total collapse of such an old proud club like Wolves, but true supporters never waiver.

Question 19: Who is your all time favourite Wolves player?

Difficult one. Richards, Doogan, Waggy, Hibbitt, Bailey, most of the team when I was a young lad get a look in but for sheer effort, contribution and extreme loyalty in a time when it would have been so easy to leave a sunken ship that he had boarded, it has to be Mr Bull himself. LEGEND and I do not use that label lightly, unlike when I am listening to games live on the radio and they state Wolves legend Robbie Dennison, more like a leg end, no offence Robbie but ask most supporters outside of Wolverhampton who you are and they have no clue whereas the Bull, now that is different.

Question 20: If money and status was no object, who would you most like to see in a Wolves shirt?

Messi fantastic player and appears to be a really humble guy, makes a nice change from the likes of Ronaldo and Co.

Question 21: What Wolves player from history would you want in next seasons team?

Steve Bull a real shame he never played in the Prem.

Question 22: If you could attend any game in Wolves history, which would it be and why?

1974 League cup final. My family moved just north of Manchester when I was young and it was sometimes painful going to school on the back of results against the

win colours of Manchester but that result made a huge difference.

Question 23: What is your favourite bit of Wolves trivia?

As written above I live in Norway and Norwegian TV started broadcasting live English football on Saturday afternoons in 1969. The first game ever shown was Wolves at home to Sunderland which Wolves won 1-0 and explains why there are so many Wolves fans where I live. Second would be Wolves won the American league in 1967.

Question 24: What is your question for the next interviewee on Vital Wolves?

If Steve Morgan was offered to be bought out by an oil man from the middle east or Russia would you be happy with the thought of Wolves buying success in the fashion

f Chelsea/Man City and who ever else gets bought out that way or would it leave a sort of empty we cheated really sort of feeling down in the deepest part of your gut?

Thanks to Norsk Wolf for agreeing to be our nineteenth interview!

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