Date: 28th June 2010 at 11:01am
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The fourteenth Vital Wolves fan interview of the summer has now been completed and next into the the hot seat is PanFiluta.

Question number 1: What is your username on Vital Wolves?


Question 2: How long have you supported Wolves?

Since 1996.

Question 3: Where do you travel from to see the wolves play?

From Bratislava. I made a holiday in England during august 2009 to see Wolves. I was on games against ManCity, Swindon and Hull. Hope I will do such trip again someday. The atmosphere on football in England is great.

Question 4: How did you become a Wolves fan?

In 1996, when I was a 1st year university student, some schoolmate gave me a copy of Championship manager 93, an old computer game. When I started it, I had to select a team to manage. All those names looked one like another to me, every team was some United or FC… And on the end of the list, there was name ‘Wolves’. I liked the name, so I chose them without knowing anything about the team. But since then, I became a big fan of Wolves.

Question 5: Are you pro or anti Mick McCarthy?

I got a big faith in Mick and his manager skills. So I am very pro Mick.

Question 6: What was your assessment of last season?

Enjoyed it very much. The team was showing high fighting spirit during whole season.

TV here in Slovakia showed some Wolves games live and for the first time I could sit at Molineux and see the team play on my own eyes, not just in TV. To put it simply, very nice season.

Question 7: Do you think when Mick changed the whole side against Man Utd was a good decision or not and what would you think if he did it next season ?

Well, he got those 3 important points from Burnley next week, so it was a good decision. He has my complete support, with all respect to Dave Jones, I think Mick is our best manager in decades. If Mick feels at some point of next season, that he has to do it again, then he should do it. He is the manager and he is acting in best interest of the team.

Question 8: Do you think Wolverhampton can establish themselves in the Premier League and once again, become a great club?

Yes, I believe we can do it. I have a good feeling from current management. I think team is in good hands.

Look at those big teams splashing money… aren´t most of them in debts ? What if the billionaire behind the team gets bored one day and buys another toy ? Then the big team wont be that big anymore. Long term approach is better than trying to buy instant success.

Question 9: Predictions for Wolves next season, where do we need to strengthen, should Mick stick with one up front?

Hm, I am not such expert, but I think maybe central midfield needs some improvement, some really creative playmaker. About one up front…. probably don’t stick with that, I think Doyle and Fletcher can form a dangerous duo. And they are both workers, they will not just walk up front waiting for a pass. Mick will surely decide well in this matter.

Question 10: Where do you think Wolves will finish next season?

We got the experience, we got good reinforcements in Fletcher, van Damme, Moulokolo, Hunt and all important players of last season seem to stay, so I have faith in 12th or 13th place.

Question 11: How do you see Sylvain Ebanks-Blake figuring into the team this upcoming season, if at all?

It will be hard for him. As 3rd striker, he will need patience. He will have to wait for his chance on the bench. But we need him, he is a player good enough to substitute for Doyle or Fletcher. Keogh and vokes aren’t that good.

Question 12: If you could pick one highlight as a Wolves fan what would it be?

The victory on Tottenham ground, probably the most unexpected result of season.

Question 13: What is the worst Wolves match you have ever seen and why?

The home lose to Portsmouth, I think everybody, including me, took it for granted, that we will get 3 points from this and we expected Portsmouth to surrender before match.

Question 14: Has your support for Wolverhampton Wanderers ever wavered?

No, its growing since 1996.

Question 15: Who is your all time favourite Wolves player?

Steve Bull.

Question 16: If money and status was no object, who would you most like to see in a Wolves shirt?

If he were 30, then I would say Juninho Pernambucano. But Juninho is 35, so if money were no object, then Messi. But do we really need such superstar ? I like current quality/money balance in Wolves transfer policy.

Question 17: What Wolves player from history would you want in next seasons team?

Steve Bull

Question 18: If you could attend any game in Wolves history, which would it be and why?

I read in books, that some 50 years ago, Wolves won over Real Madrid, so this one.

But wait, maybe one day we can see it happen again.

Question 19: What is your favourite bit of Wolves trivia?

Sorry, don’t understand this question. (Don’t worry PanFiluta!)

Question 20: What is your question for the next interviewee on Vital Wolves?

Where do you see Wolves in 5 years ?

Thanks to PanFiluta for agreeing to be our fourteenth interview!

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