Date: 19th May 2012 at 1:51pm
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It may have been a week since the end of the Premier League season but football in all manners has plenty to hold our interest at the moment.
We await to find out the teams still to go up or down and to the side there is the small matter of an international tournament to unfold.
As an England fan disapointed Harry was not given his chance to employ his character and possibly drive our flailing nationals to an unlikely, yet somehow Ror of The Rovers type possible Eurpean crown, Roy has two weeks or whatever it is to ‘learn’ from two friendlies before leading us into the finals. Personally I don’t see us getting out of the group so events closer to home have at least soothed the pain.
I joined ‘The Who?’ ranks when SS was appointed but the more I have seen and read the more impressed I am with the appointment and actually have reason to look forward to his stewardship and a season in the CHampionship- that’s right, I am looking forward to it.
I think it is a very bold move by the club and more than anything else I am relieved they got in there and took care of matters quickly when I feared an irrate summer with us banging our heads against the wall again with no manager, or terrible managers in sight. I am certainly relieved Steve Bruce and his fifteen times broken nose will not become a regular news feature with more babbling interviews about making mistakes.
Practically any manager we hired could have been considered a gamble so I’ll place a few shillings on someone who has won a league 5 times out of 6.
He says he took 38 DVD’s back to Norway with him and I hope he has the patience to sit through them all. As he wears through them he will be crossing names off his list and already be drawing up replacements.
There is surely not a manager in his right mind however who would consider selling Stephen Fletcher. His goals per minutes on pitch ratio over the past two years must rank up there with the very best of them and he has consistently found the net despite playing for two ultimately relegated teams. He is a striker who has conitnued to develop his game and pretty much has it all. I know it is personal bias but I simply hope he considers himself young enough to afford a season outside of the Premiership.
If we were him though, how many of us would relish the Championship after the past two years achievements. He is a proven goalscorer at the highest level and there will prove a cluster of clubs after his signature. I for one would not blame him if he left. Number one of course, the club, despite its financial stance (no need to seel a single player) will inevitbaly have a price on his head and I think this will make or break his future.
The Express & Shit has already taken it upon themselves to engineer a move with it’s chronic, factless ‘reporting’; what will decide matters is whether the club accept a bid.
There is talk today of 10,000,000. I would not sell him for that at all. That is a small profit on a player who has made great strides and, IF we are promoted is a player we know can go back and do it all over again.
You’d have to fancy him to back 25 in the championship and with confidence runnning through the player upon any PL return what better player indeed to have.
Fingers crossed the new manager will also review the Kevin Doyle DVD’s from his days at Reading (watch his goals on YouTube) and wonder why he was efffectively employed by our mismanagers as a mule/occasional winger.
I never brought into the nonesense that the two could not play together. They were never given a chance.
As things stand we have a new manager who will make up his own mind, and I have the faith that this one is going to give the club the shaking it needs and start making sensible decisions.
Fletcher has typically made no comment on his future. His quality will spearhead these stories. We can only hope he is weaing the gold shirt when the season kicks off, ah, just a few short months down the road.
If he goes, I will say thanks and wish him all the best.