Date: 22nd June 2018 at 11:00am
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There was an unassuming Tweet from Wolverhampton Wanderers’ social media team yesterday concerning season ticket sales for the Premier League campaign of 2018/19.

The message was simple really, we’ve sold out our maximum allocation of season tickets for the year ahead owing to the fantastic response of the fans this summer. The club are working on details for a ‘waiting list’ for the future and it will be announced in due course.

Great stuff on face value and a fabulous response from fans to our Championship title win and promotion back to the top-flight of English football, but it left a lot of fans with a very specific question indeed.

Where have all these little Pups come from following the takeover of the club by Fosun and the appointment of Nuno Espirito Santo and our change in transfer policy that has resulted in some absolute gems making switches to the Molineux?

It’s not a bigger fan thing, and everyone starts somewhere but with the economy and money tight for plenty of people, the sad fact of football is it’s easier to justify the spend when you taste success and can enjoy it. Ultimately it only helps the club as we continue to build for the future.


4 Replies to “Where Did All These Wolves Fans Come From – Builders Required For Summer 2019/2020”

  • Its not rocket science. Play an attractive style of football and win games and fans will follow. Add a little hope on the future and you get more. Thats what Nuno and Fosun have done to the current Wolves support.

    Football is expensive these days, for me and my lad a game costs around £100, tickets/travel etc which is not a small amount of money, hence why i only get to 5-6 games per season. If the football quality is poor then i will be tempted to spend the money elsewhere which the numbers seem to show that a lot of other Wolves fans have been doing the same.

    • 100%

      As you say given the cost if you know you’re going to walk out annoyed and not having enjoyed it, plenty will use the money another way to ‘enjoy’ themselves. Give fans a taste of last season and it becomes more tempting. Hope plays a huge part in it now with the myriad of ways to actually watch a game with ease.

  • Not all Wolves fans, I heard of a guy from Bristol who is not a Wolves fan and who is now working in the city and said he has had a season ticket so he can watch the big teams, I wonder how many more there are like him?

    • Probably a few to be fair, but better that goes into our pockets than the top 6 so-called ‘glory hunters’. Some may even be tempted to covert, others might bring their kids up as Pups, it works to our advantage overall – the downside is any died in the wool fan who misses out in the meantime.

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