Date: 11th July 2018 at 2:00pm
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  • The longer this transfer window goes on the more and more sceptical I’m becoming about Wolverhampton Wanderers newly found position in the football hierarchy with Fosun putting their money where their mouths were and backing that up with belief.

    We’ve seen a string of rumours that even I’ve classed as ‘so nice to be linked with a player like that’ even if there was no actual chance it would come off. Okay Jorge Mendes certainly has his advantages, we saw that last season and I’ve no doubt he was an influence with our signings this summer, especially goalkeeper Rui Patricio, but along with our new found notoriety, the downside is we’re now fair game for every red top and rumour website.

    Now we’re not against taking risks in transfer policy I would suggest, but given the Sun went for their usual level of accuracy of linking ‘talent in Scotland’ with ‘Celtic or Rangers’ and that was followed on a slow Tuesday by another as Team Talk redirected their speculative exclusive in our direction, I think we can safely file this one in the bin.

    I’m sure 22-year-old Glen Kamara deserved the plaudits he’s getting for his 2017/18 season with Dundee but given the type of player we’ve signed so far, one decent year in the Scottish Premiership wouldn’t really put him on our radar. Maybe there are legs in looking at him as one for the future given his age, I could see a punt like that but it would be a signing where we loaned him back out to get more action under his belt.

    Seems a convoluted way for him to approach now getting regular game action, as another good year would only increase his stock further. Maybe I’m wrong, but it doesn’t feel like it suits our approach the last few years.

    We all know what transfer time is about, agents getting richer as they engineer moves and get the best price and press outlets covering their bottom lines – but we don’t need to get carried away with everything.

    It’ll only get worse before the transfer window shuts.