Date: 23rd August 2011 at 12:45pm
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By popular demand we have brought back our Vital Wolves fan interviews!

We will dive back into our archives to find our old entries, but in the mean time if you would like to do one for the site, feel free to get in touch! Over on the Vital Wolves forum.

Next up danjsharp.

Question 1: What is your username on Vital Wolves?


Question 2: How long have you supported Wolves?

Since my first memories of football

Question 3: How did you become a Wolves fan?

It was forced upon me from birth, my family are all Wolves fans so I never really had a choice!

Question 4: Where do you travel from to see the wolves play?

When I was younger I was a season ticket holder both home and away whilst I still lived in Wolverhampton, but 3 years ago I moved to Bangor in Wales for university so had to give up the season ticket. Now I go when I can get back, which isn’t as much as I would like.

Question 5: Do you have a pre match ritual or lucky Wolves charm and what is it?

I used to wear my home or away shirt depending on whether we were playing at home or away, but that was when I attended pretty much every match, but I seem to have lost that as I’ve been away.

Question 6: Which stand do you sit in at Molineux?

I’ve always been in the Southbank, now I sit where I can get an available ticket!

Question 7: What is your favourite Wolves chant?

I’d like to be known for helping start the Ebanks-blake (KC and the sunshine band) chant back at Sc*nthorpe away in 07/08 season, got the whole stand singing it and then it got transferred to Molineux, so its my claim to fame lol

Question 8: Are you pro or anti Mick McCarthy?

Pro, I think he’s the best thing that’s happened to Wolves in the past 30 years.

Question 9: What was your assessment of last season?

I was pleased, was half and hour away from not being, but that’s football! Got more points than 09/10 so if we can get a few more this season then all will be good.

Question 10: Looking back what did you think when Mick changed the whole side against Man Utd was it a good decision or not?

Good decision in retrospect, but I know as a former away season ticket holder that if I was one of the fans that had spent £50 to go to watch Wolves play Man U and we didn’t put out our best team then I would have been pretty annoyed at the time, but I understand that it was done for the good of the season.

Question 11: Do you think Wolverhampton can establish themselves in the Premier League and once again, become a great club?

Yes, as long as we continue to improve gradually each season and not achieve too much too soon. We’ve seen what happens to clubs that come up and go straight to the top, they end up in League 1!

Question 12: Predictions for Wolves this season, where do we still need to strengthen?

Still think the defence needs improving, even though I’m a great fan of Wardinho and Big George I think we do need a new left back as much as it pains me to say it.

Question 13: Where do you think Wolves will finish this season?

I don’t mind as long as its above 17th with more than 40 points.

Question 14: Where do you see Wolves in the next 5 to 10 years?

As long as we can gradually improve each season then who knows, hopefully established mid-table, with a Carling or FA cup under our belt and a trip around europe, in the europa league. But my prediction on the grander scale is that we’ll be champions by 2030!

Question 15: How do you see Sylvain Ebanks-Blake figuring into the team this season, if at all?

As a sub or a injury replacement, he’s a great player and would love to see him force his way into reckoning, but it’s always gonna be Doyler and Fletcher up front as first choice.

Question 16: If you could pick one highlight as a Wolves fan what would it be?

Too many, but if I had to pick one, it would be the promotion against QPR, running onto the pitch was amazing, I’ve wanted to do it for as long as I could remember and to finally get the chance was great.

Question 17: What is the worst Wolves match you have ever seen and why?

Again too many lol, but as wasn’t born in the 80s I haven’t seen Wolves at our worse, we’ve always been in at least the top two divisions, so I feel picky, but for match experience was Swansea away in the promotion season, we lost 3-1 but apart from that it was pissing it down, we were late for the game so had to run to the stadium, i fell over into a puddle and got soaking wet, then eventually reached the ground to see Wolves go 1 down in the first minute, then got rained on all match, got locked in a cage after the game to let the home fans disperse, then when we were released from the cage we were chased by Swansea fans, and then had to make the 4 hour drive back in soaking wet clothes, uncomfortable and unhappy, to only end up getting dropped off in Birmingham and had to get a train back from Birmingham.

ll this just to be a wolves fan!

Question 18: Has your support for Wolverhampton Wanderers ever wavered?

No, I can’t say that it has, but I’ve never seen Wolves at our worse.

Question 19: Who is your all time favourite Wolves player?

Gotta be Steve Bull, he’s also a good friend of my mum so to have my hero know me on a personal level makes it even better.

Question 20: If money and status was no object, who would you most like to see in a Wolves shirt?

After watching the Spanish SuperCup this week it has to be Messi, he’s gotta be (when he’s on form) on of the greatest players ever.

Question 21: What Wolves player from history would you want in next seasons team?

Steve Bull

Question 22: If you could attend any game in Wolves history, which would it be and why?

Probably one of the old European games form the 50’s such as the game against Honved, when the English media claimed Wolves to be the best team in the world. Would love to be a glory hunter for a day lol

Question 23: What is your favourite bit of Wolves trivia?

I had an extension when I was 9 put onto my house, and the head builder knew I was a Wolves fan so he brought round one of the players that lived with him whilst he was a youth team player, he turned out to be Matt Murray. So without knowing who he was at the time I got to play football with a future wolves legend.

Question 24: What is your question for the next interviewee on Vital Wolves?

Where’s the furthest Wolves away game you’ve been to see?

In answer to Supersparkes question: where is the weirdest place you have watched a Wolves game on the tele?

As I’ve only not been a season ticket holder for the past 2 seasons, I have never been anywhere weird to watch wolves play, but I have been to some odd grounds!

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