Date: 12th July 2018 at 3:08pm
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It’s hardly a fresh angle as it seems to have been Wolverhampton Wanderers’ standpoint from the moment we signed former Sporting Lisbon goalkeeper Rui Patricio on a free transfer after he cancelled his contract at the club following an attack on fans and staff by masked supporters – the use of the word ‘supporter’ there is incredibly open for debate.

Sky Sports have today reported that their sources within the club have stated that we are thoroughly unconcerned with their FIFA complaint and we are content with our actions and behaviour, Patricio’s and well to put in words I’d use in print, Sporting can ‘jog on’ with their complaint.

The 30-year-old Portugal international was one of a number of players who walked away from their deals with Sporting, citing ‘just cause’ over the incident, but he was the first to sign a new deal with another club I believe.

Sporting’s argument rests on we were already in discussions with them over a potential £18million deal before the goalposts on the price were changed – to put it diplomatically given the speculation doing the rounds about how talks went – so they will no doubt paint things as Patricio’s decision was to engineer a move.

Portuguese media have amazingly got their hands on a 63-page document listing the clubs’ grievances that has been sent to FIFA as they seek compensation from us said to be £48.5million and other demands such as a transfer ban etc.

We all know what this is though, it’s Sporting trying to save face, get a sum (they may well be entitled to in fairness but it won’t be what they are asking) and setting out a line in the sand for other free agent deals they will now have to address.

If taking action against us and Patricio, means other players at least negotiate now for accepted market value, it saves them time and earns them money – which is the bottom line and it’s understandable why they’d do that really.

In our case though if talks progressed on a £18million deal, even with all of FIFA’s lack of wisdom in my humble, then what will they do worse case – tell us to pay the fee we were going to originally and had already budgeted for?

No wonder the club don’t care.