Date: 22nd March 2011 at 2:48am
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Michael Mancienne is a name that has not been mentioned too often recently. Personally I was thrilled to read a somewhat muted article with regards his return from injury, and to Wolves.
I think Mancienne can still prove something of a splint, hardly the greatest descriptive, but I mean it in the nicest possible way in terms of him potentially proving a very valuable player over the course of the last eight games.

Mancienne, still only 23 years, already has 50 games under his belt for Wolves, to add to the 58 he made for Queens Park Rangers.
Considering our own academy director warned our latest batch of graduates enjoying pro terms would fit the modern ilk of most likely not breaking through to first team football until around the age of 21 or 22, with more than a hundred games under his belt, albeit only 4 for Chelsea, despite being spotted by them at the age of 9! and apparently nurtured ever since.

All summer I was stamping my feet demanding to know as to why the player had not been brought back to the club on a second season’s loan and if the memory serves correct, we debated his worth with thoughts leaning towards signing him.

He was struck down with injury at an unfortunate time this season, having never really got going, but it was always a comfort to see him involved or at least on the bench. Earlier in the season he was prone to mistakes the same as any other, but his were fewer than those we were seeing from others, and if he had remained fit maybe we would have seen him continue to develop alongside the likes of Berra and Stearman who have in the absence of Jody Craddock formed something of a formidable partnership at the back.

I can’t help but feel however that the player’s future is somewhat in limbo as things stand. The player himself has recently spoken highly of his parent club, and Wolves for looking after his rehabilitation; we can only assume they have worked in tandem in the best interests of getting the player back on the pitch for a multitude of reasons.

Chelsea for one, do not appear to know what to do with the player. This is a player remember that was also called up to the senior England squad with little more than Championship football to his name- unless of course you count in the fact he has represented England at every level from Under 16 through to the Under 21’s?

I would be interested to hear people’s view on Mancienne. Personally, to revisit the issue, I will be dropping by the Chelsea site to gauge the opinions of the supporters.

If the memory serves correct, yes I am pushing the reserves today, I would say around 75% wanted the player to stay and expected he would play a part in their future, but after this many years, either stood on the sidelines watching this paring or that, knowing full well that ol’ Rich Abe has started to splash the coin again- how long will Mancienne wait this out.

To drain the final drips of what is left of a memory, I do recall him making some mention last summer of wanting a club to call home, and I believe that if we sign him, he can become a big player for many years to come especially if the future shines as bright as Stephen Morgan’s visions present.

Being Wolves fans we can put ourselves in the mindset of dilemma. Mancienne is on the books of the club he has supported and spent his life with, but as a professional footballer, if he has not broken into the team now, the squad even in all reality, is he prepared to spend the next three or four years looking in from the sidelines wondering if his chance will ever come, bouncing from one club to another- a season here, a couple there? Soon enough he could find himself hitting the latter stages of his twenties looking back and kicking himself as to why he never wore that England shirt, why he never ‘made the grade’ why he never notched up 40 games a season.

Michael Mancienne may well have fallen off the radar somewhat but if we are prepared to pay in the region of five million sterling for Jamie O’Hara- featured in the article prior to this one, then surely Mancienne would be worth three or four. At the end of the O’Hara article I mentioned him as the perfect signing to kick start a movement to adding quality to our squad; Mancienne for me would prove a delight if he became our second signing.

It is all very well ending up on the books of your favourite club, and leaving after nigh on fifteen years with them would prove an almighty wrench, but if Michael Mancienne wants to realize his true potential I think it is becoming fairly obvious he is going to have to ply his trade elsewhere, and guess what, at 23, with his quality, versatility, and realistic international aspirations what better club to give it a real go with. If he is feeling somewhat hesitant, there is a young chap on the training field by the name of Matthew Jarvis who might just steer him in the right direction.

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