Date: 12th March 2012 at 9:06am
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Over on the Vital Wolves forum we have been asking if it’s time for Jez Moxey to move on.

Predictably sparked by the shambles of the managerial process, that even threatened to take a further turn with rumours spreading like wildfire that TC had quit last night, many Wolves fans need someone to point the finger at and when the board of any football club take centre stage it isn’t difficult to find somewhere to lay the blame.

This is what Giacomo had to say:

In nearly 40 years following this club I’ve never been so embarrassed and ashamed of what is happening on and off the pitch.

We’re going down without question, but we came up in the first place because the teams behind us threw away the chance to overtake us and stayed up through a mixture of luck and having a player come good in the run-in to see us through.

Many go on about McCarthy being the best manager in 30 years and how great it is to be in the Prem. Well. Firstly he didn’t have much to compete with and second, our time in the Prem has consisted of long periods of dire football punctuated with the odd ‘gutsy’ performance. Wow.

Our ‘young and hungry’ players? Since Evans went they’ve been just cheap and our youth players have been sent out to show they’re really pretty good elsewhere.

3 year plan got us up, did it? Guess this is the six year plan then Morgan? And who had been sitting there smiling and raking in his fat salary and giving us all the crap about ‘We will pay the going rate’ and ‘We won’t do an Albion?’ Yep, Moxey!

Since he has arrived here football has taken second place and Morgan has let him continue.

What else is a constant? Clipboard!!

I gave him a chance but he’s a clone of McCarthy who insulted the fans as regularly as Moxey with his BS. And who has been presiding over this shambles? Morgan – a suitable case for treatment if ever there was one. He’s done a lot of building for the club, but then again when people are out of their depth they don’t do what they should do, they do what they CAN do.

Nothing has changed, nothing is changing, and until Moxey – whose favourite sport isn’t football anyway! – should be dumped NOW so we can get somebody between Morgan and the fans who understands more than a balance sheet and what our great club means to us, who have paid our hard-earned money and devoted our time, and given our loyalty to the Wolves long before he ever turned up.

The Stokies warned us about him – when he left they went from strength to strength.

We could get away with a scouse owner but not with a patronising, insincere henchman like Moxey.

McCarthy’s gone, now either Moxey or Morgan need to follow him.

Then get a bright up and coming manager and get the academy graduates in and show what we can really do if football is put first again at the Mol.

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