Date: 27th July 2011 at 4:49am
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I have documented on numerous occasions my dissatisfaction with last years failure- the only worth being our sustained status as a Premiership club.
Having ensured our survival at the first time of asking at a canter, eight points- an 18 million pound investment should have yielded greater profit.
We struggled. We spent much of the season, two thirds perhaps in the bottom three and were two minutes away from a relegation that could have thrown this club back three years in it’s development, and I refute the word supposed.

Steve Morgan has proven a man of his word. He has matched his short and long term goals and put in part, his money where his mouth is.

Think not that he will suffer fools lightly, and if we find ourselves treading familiar territory come January a change at the helm will take place regardless of sentiment.

This summer we have according to reports secured the services of Jamie O’Hara and Roger Johnson for no more than seven million pounds. If this is true I urge the club to take the plunge and invest at least another eleven million to match last years outlay.

Why not?

If we could afford to fling eighteen million pounds at the cause after one season back in the Premiership why can we not do it again.

We have reaped the rewards- said to be in the range of sixty million pounds a season- so where exactly is our money going.
The stadium? The redevelopment of Molineux is not one of grandiose thinking. It is one matched to the blue print lay across the board room table. The management and its team is responsible for its fruition but a seed will not grow without water, and by water I refer to subsequent funding.
Jamie O’Hara is said to be earning 35k per week, with Roger Johnson on 40k.

The offset has already seen the departures of Greg Halford, Stephen MouyoJoko and David Jones who’s wages surely must have amounted to perhaps 30-40k per week.
This leaves us with an outlay of 7 million pounds for two very good players which is admirable their wages will have been soaked up in our continued, increased revenue.

We have survived two seasons in the Premiership paying the lowest salaries in the division.

We have danced closely with relegation twice and whilst I do not expect a third encounter; I have faith at least two more are on the way- I am concerned that the club is still trying to strong arm deals and may as consequence miss out on a few additional players that could elevate us into the top 12.

We were all screaming out for three new defenders, and whilst Roger Johnson is a tremendous addition, I was sure he would end up elsewhere, there are fears already as to what would happen in the event of injury.
Regardless of such, we always needed two for the middle, and a left back.

It appears no secret that Mick is also after a central midfielder to compete with Captain Stupid. I would push the boat further and suggest unless the manager is prepared to play Griffiths of Vokes, we also need another striker.

My hope is with the comments made by Jamie O’Hara following his signig: ‘If we can sign the players we are after it is going to be very exciting.’ I do not think the club would trick a player on false promise.

No doubt Johnson was mentioned, but I doubt ‘a good defender and the Swansea goalie’ would conjure such excitement in a player of O’Hara’s quality.

There must be more to come.

With two seasons behind us, and two ahead of those just promoted, it really is the time for Wolverhampton Wanderers to stamp their mark on the Premiership and break from the mold of struggles.

If we really have spent seven million, where is the risk in spending another ten or eleven if we are rewarded come the end of the season with another sixty million pound reward?

I am all for the club being responsible, but there comes a time when you have to take the next step up the ladder and if that time is not now then when will it be?

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