Date: 16th October 2018 at 1:52pm
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The name Karren Brady, formerly of Birmingham City fame and now West Ham United, might make some Wolverhampton Wanderers fans smile or even chuckle if they allow themselves a small trip down memory lane, but rather surprisingly her thoughts on head coach Nuno Espirito Santo are pretty lame.

The thrust of what she says appears to come from a good place though, if I can phrase it like that.

Brady was writing in her latest column for the Sun recently, and in short she was talking about the key qualities that make for a ‘perfect’ Premier League boss and she basically picked out individual plusses ranging from Sir Alex Ferguson through to their own gaffer, Manuel Pellegrini and Santo featured in her thoughts.

Admittedly I think she’s picked out a few managers in a trite way and Santo does fall into that category given her choice of words.

“Consistency: Nuno Espirito Santo
BOSS of promoted Wolves has not changed his starting line-up in eight matches. Mighty beards are said to be a sign of virility. If so, Wolves are living up to it.”

As said, I think her words are intended to come from a good place even if she’s a bit flighty in her approach as quite what beards and virility have got to do with a manager being good at his job is beyond me.

On the back of his Premier League Manager of the Month Award for September though, it shows again just how far Wolverhampton Wanderers have come in recent seasons and love or loathe Brady, she is a trailblazer and has made a name for herself in the game, so Santo becoming a go-to for her, even in a fluff piece like that, is proof of our rise in the game – and I’ll take that compliment and positive.