Date: 2nd May 2011 at 10:21am
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I, like Southbank was reserving my judgement, comments, thoughts, visions, criticisms, observations until the end of the season, alas I cannot!

I have been trying to think of a good ‘word’ (adjective) to normal people! to describe the game, I have come up with abysmal.

We cannot beat a poor B’ham side, low on confidence, (same as us), if you had a fairy godmother to bestow wishes upon you as a Wolves fan, what would you wish for?, can we please have a penalty to give us a good start and can we play against 10 men for most of the second half?

The game as a spectacle was pathetic, no side could keep possession or keep it in play for that matter for more than thirty seconds, Foster in the B’ham goal was not troubled for the whole of the second half, criminal, again pathetic.

Merlin has lost the plot, Tommy Cooper (TC) alias (Clipboard) has lost the plot, even OHara who looked different class for a couple of games has lost the plot!

I think even he has stooped to our level!

On this showing both teams deserve to go, even by some divine intervention we manage to avoid the drop, does it fill you with optimism for next season? answer!, no.

Even Jarvis, a recent England debutee was replaced, he must have been glad, definitely the worst game I have seen this season, possibly longer.

Excuses? There are none, do you need to be lifted with four games to go to avoid the drop?

I blame the coaches, their man management and their apparent lack of ability to motivate the players. They have had enough time, you don’t have to be a genius to work out that it was a weak league last year, instead they basked in a success which was not earned on merit, rather by the lack of skill of the opposition!

Then they embarked upon a crazy mid summer madness of spending, none of those players bought could hold down a regular place in the team, some would not feature at all! laughable.

Merlin is a good championship manager and that’s as far as it goes,the baggies were criticised for changing management but it has worked, tactically we have been woeful this year, strange positional changes and selections have happened on a regular basis!

This showing was embarrassing, I have been a fan for fifty plus years but I have to say we do deserve to go down, we have lost more games than anyone else and our performances against the teams around us are the worst in the division, just take Wigan, lost home and away, six points gone begging or lets say four if you want to be conservative.

Finally, I think the biggest nail in the coffin has been the defence, all season we have been plagued by mistakes and general bad play at the back, Merlins lack of seeing this, particularly during the January transfer window could turn out to be his undoing.

All these things that I have said really hurt to say but I feel its the truth and I hope whatever happens in the next three games something is done to address the mistakes that have beset us this season and as I have said before, at the very least, a change of coach to assist Merlin is the very least I feel is required.

As for Merlin?, I would give him until xmas to prove that he has turned things around, even this though I feel may be more than he is given?

Its not always the results, though at the end of the day that’s how you are judged, its about how we have played and I must admit I don’t think we have played ‘well’ that many times this season and as we have said before the table never lies!

Its still not impossible for us to get out of this, but do we deserve to? other teams have changed management, bought players, have we done enough simply sticking to our guns and staying loyal to Merlin? or did we somewhere along the way lose the plot?


Article suggestion from member Crete Wolf

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