Date: 22nd March 2011 at 12:45am
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A nasty case of the Monday Mornin’ Blues today so having reached home at the reasonable hour of 7 pm, as opposed to 9 which has proven an unpleasant norm, I settled back to catch up on the news, and still bouyed by the Jarvis call up cracked a cold one after reading Jamie O’Hara’s comments on not only our chances of survival, which included a points target, but more importantly speaking of the club with more than a on eye on playing a part in it’s future.

The most pleasant read amongst his words shared with the Express & Star were around…. “We are building a side here……” spoken almost as if he had been part of the furniture for some considerable length of time.

O’Hara has become an instant favourite amongst fans and his new team mates, but the player seems to have taken an equal shine to his new surrounds. Whilst little is ever set in concrete, we are to believe that the 24-year old was signed on loan with an agreement in place for a permanent switch in the event of our survival.

If that is true, it will prove another deal of admirable craftsmanship by The Jez because let’s face it- his performances for us already must be turning heads of other clubs who may now be wondering why they did not make a move for him themselves.

O’Hara is a quality without doubt, who’s promising Tottenham career was hindered by injury. Never the less he continued to show great promise at Portsmouth and following his latest return from injury we are reaping the benefit of what may at first have proven something of a gamble.

His performances so far have made a mockery of any such suggestion, adding a whole new dimension to the midfield in his attacking play, and goals (already) and at Villa on Saturday, playing a deeper role than we may have anticipated and put his foot on the ball to take the sting out of attacks or maintain possession long enough to be able to pick out the right pass.

O’Hara seems a character with his feet firmly on the ground; on the pitch he has already shown his versatility. Quality shines through and if he proves our first summer signing, (let’s keep the optimism flowing) not if but WHEN we stay up 🙂 then it will go a long way in helping us secure players of similar quality, of which I would hope us to sign at least two, maybe three.

O’Hara himself appears to share the optimism around the club at the moment whilst maintaining a realistic approach and urging his new team mates to stamp their mark on safety.

Our most recent poll makes for a suddenly curious read, because the 39 points (safe), whilst more than realistic at the time, will now most likely, almost certainly result in a relegation. O’Hara has set a target and wants Wolves to hit it before going into the last game of the season.
With a measure of the season thus far, he said “The league is crazy but our target for the season, having spoken to the boys, is 43 points, with one game left to play against Blackburn……. We`ve got a lot of work still to do, but we want to be safe by the last game of the season. That`s our aim.’

Jamie O’Hara is yet another player identified by the club to fit the young and hungry blue print. Having him at the club can only enhance chances of staying up, so let’s hope come the summer he is signing on the dotted line as the first of more to follow.

All The Best.

New York City Wolf