Date: 6th August 2018 at 7:00am
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Wolverhampton Wanderers Chairman Jeff Shi has admitted this weekend that the club could possibly look at a stadium relocation as part of our plans to increase capacity in the future.

Speaking to the Express and Star this weekend, Shi admitted that the idea wasn’t off the table as we have plans to attempt do double the size of the stadium if we retain our Premier League status in 2018/19.

We have already pencilled in plans to double the South Bank in size to a single-tiered 10,000 capacity and that work is due to start next summer, but we are looking at further options to increase capacity given the longer term aims of our owners for success in the game.

Leaving the Molineux after our 129 association would be a big wrench for many supporters and it’s the first time such an idea has been aired and it certainly got tongues wagging and managing director Laurie Dalrymple was quickly dispatched to clarify that such a move would only be as a ‘last resort’ for the club.

Reactions were predictably mixed to this, but I was surprised so many seemed open to the idea of moving. Maybe I’m more traditional than I thought?


6 Replies to ““I Still Pinch Myself” “The Only Resort” – Some Wolves Fans React To Stadium News”

  • With the greatest respect to Jeff Shi, I don’t think he has yet aclimatised himself with the City or the surrounding areas which as many I’m sure must know has no suitable places to build a football stadium!
    So, unless Fosun do what was done previously and buy properties at great cost and then transform an area to accommodate a new ground, Molineux would be the ONLY place remaining!
    Having said that though, there may be the possibility of moving slightly out of the City to Fowler’s Park Playing Fields off the Cannock Road which like the land which Molineux stands upon , is owned by the local Council.
    The problems of this site are: 6 public football pitches, the fields are surrounded by 3 rail lines and there are a large number of residential properties, so protests would come from many sources and no doubt take a long time to resolve, if indeed they actually could be?
    BUT IF all the obstacles to a stadium being built there could be overcome then yes, Wolves would have a fantastic new stadium, land for future expansion, the possible addition of a rail station for matchdays it would only be another 5 minutes distance from the Molineux.
    IF the objections could not be overcome though then Molineux would remain the ONLY alternative.
    Waterloo Road is an obviously problem being so close to the ground but if Fosun did what the Irish Football and Rugby Unions did at Lansdowne Road, Dublin where a rail line made extending a stand impossible, they demolished the whole ground and rebuilt it with the problem stand rebuilt over the rail line. Could that also apply to Waterloo Road?
    Space at Molineux is at a premium with ASDA at the North, the Polytechnic on the East and the Molineux Hotel at the South , so problems all round but then money usually solves these kind of problems and Fosun apparently has plenty of that but what Fosun decides will no doubt have to meet with the fans’ approval or the whole plan would be a massive failure!

  • My heart says stay at Molineux but my brain says move.
    50000 stadium and European football must mean away from the Town Centre.
    Getting out of Molineux after a match and parking before the match nearby is getting worse and I cannot see it getting any better with say 30% more people and cars.
    Junction 2 M54 looks a good possibility with a mainline rail very close by.

    • Sorry Del but there is no room at the M54 junction anymore.
      On the West side, Jaguar Land Rover took the only site that could have housed a ground some years ago and on the East side is an hotel and small 18 hole golf course, then the main West Coast rail line.
      The other side of the M54 is Staffordshire with houses scattered here and there with little chance of building there, so back to the drawing board for you!

  • Come on chaps, where ever we are, the ground will be known as Molineux hopefully! We have to move with the ambitious times the owners want for the club and ultimately what we all want as well. So if we have to move then so be it. We move on. It’s happened with a few clubs and will I’m sure be a great stadium somewhere around Wolverhampton anyway. 🙂

  • I’m sorry but i dont buy the argument that mol couldn’t go beyond 50k. The southbank, the Steve bull, the northbank, all four corners to be filled, with all that you coukd get to 50k +. Then theres the Billy Wright which could be rebuilt… Architects can do a lot these days. Also, how far from the pich is the steve bull? Theres a ton of room to even drop the pitch 10meters and build down. Molineux is our home and our home is in the heart of the city. But fosun are businessmen and how much is city centre land worth? With safe standing making a return, i just dont think its a move we’ll ever make out of necessity.

    • Imagine it’s right to light etc regulations and other such things if it can’t go above the 50k mark.

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