Date: 14th August 2018 at 10:00am
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I must admit I find this funny more than anything else and I’m not sure BT Sports’ Steve McManaman being caught saying ‘I don’t like Wolves’ is actually something that’s important.

The important thing at the weekend was in an arguably below-par performance based on our usual standards, Wolverhampton Wanderers still managed to fight back from behind twice to take a point from Everton at the Molineux and open up our Premier League campaign with something to show for our efforts.

It wasn’t perfect, few fans are under any illusions there, but it’s a start and despite the players we boast they are all adjusting to a new level or a new country and we’ll need a little bit of time to settle down.

Reactions, as you can imagine, were mixed when people learned of this or took to social media to comment on it.

The E&S have BT’s official response where they state the comment was out of context given the larger conversation that wasn’t heard, and I’m not on board with those fans asking for him to be sacked on the back of the comment.

I just find it funny, after all, he could’ve been saying something far worse!


One Reply to ““I Don’t Like Wolves” – Former Liverpool Star Needs To Check His Mic More Closely”

  • As usual covering up his biased Co commentary against the Wolves and his end comment is being covered up by a big TV station.
    The mic was switched off as soon as the comment was made surely that would not have been his last words.
    What a cover up.
    He as been chosen to give an unbiased commentary and that is not what I heard throughout the match.
    Very poor from BT sports.
    He could not give Neves credit for his superb free kick or pass for the Wolves goals. Expect problems if you allow him commentary on another Wolves match.
    He never gave credit to wolves players and that only Bennett had played in the premiership before.

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