Date: 21st November 2012 at 11:37am
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Before I proceed with my very personal take on ‘Progress Under Stale Solbakken’ I would like to stress I am not from the ‘We shouldn’t have sacked Mick McCarthy brigade.’

Next I am aware of the usual ‘we lost our best 2 players anyway in the Summer’ line of lame justification for our current poor form – but and this a big bloody but, we now only face CC teams not Premier League quality outfits.

Plus we have added Sako, Sigurdarson, Doumbia, plus others like Boukari, Pezsco, and George M, when fit. Plus we have the benefit of a ‘highly regarded’ Norwegian coach!! Plus we have the nucleus of our Premier League experienced team!!! [Yes I know many of them seem to have suddenly all lost their way at the same time – but is anyone asking why this has happened or can it possibly be because they have been asked far too quickly to adapt to a totally different style of football???]

So all in all there is no doubt whatsoever that with our present resources we should be doing a lot, lot, better than we are at present.

I am not saying we should be in top spot but I am saying we should not be down in 16th place with every chance of dropping yet further.

If Stale cannot address our worrying slump, then we will drop very near the bottom of the table before 3 or 4 more games. Until the sinking ship is immediately made safe then I really dont want to hear any more rubbish about technical football!

Now we are about to face two winnable home games against Forest and Millwall followed by an away game against hapless Bristol City.

After an abject last 7 games Stale has to ensure we come away with at least 6 points, surely???

Maybe Stales lack of experience when it comes to understanding how to manage an English CC club has become a factor in our current malaise??

Still no great worry there because he always wisely stated he would secure the services of an experienced British coach as his number 2 – oh damn and blast!!

I just remember he decided after all we would be better served by instead appointing a bloody German!

Fortunately it is quite clear that Stale knows exactly what he is doing – right??? I mean so many of you have voiced he is exactly the right man for the job. True?? PHEW – you almost had me worried there!

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