Date: 27th April 2012 at 9:45am
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With Jez Moxey stating previously that Wolves wouldn`t be ‘forced` into selling any of their star players I thought I`d have a punt on who`s likely to be leaving Molineux this summer.

Keep in mind none of us really know the politics and finances of what`s going on inside of Molineux at the moment but let us know whether you agree or disagree in the comments below.

Terry Connor

My heart bled for Terry watching his post match interviews after Sundays game.

There is no doubt he is a thoroughly decent bloke who wants the best for the club and it`s players.

As Jez Moxey was quick to point out “‘Terry is an outstanding coach, he is a Wolves man through and through”. So if that is the case then surely Connor deserves to stay on in some sort of role at the club?

There are main two arguments against this.

In recent years there seems to be the lack of integration and graduation of Wolves youth team players into the first team, players like Mark Davies and Elliot Bennett who are both excelling at Bolton and Norwich respectively are fantastic examples. Even seeing someone such as Andrew Surman, who was 22 when signed by the club and given only seven chances in the first team before being shipped off to Norwich, deemed not good enough for the Premier League, of which now he will playing next season while Wolves again find themselves back in the Championship.

The second is the style of football Wolves` play, for which the coaches are seen as a big part of.

I think a lot of fans struggled to stomach seeing the team completely outplayed by newly promoted QPR in their 3-0 victory at Molineux, and then a few weeks down the line during a 2-2 draw with Swansea.

Why couldn`t Wolves pass the ball around as comfortably when they were playing in their third season in the Premier League?

Why was our only real attacking outlet still Matt Jarvis after all these years?

If was all so blindingly obvious to the fans and to the opposition that it was incredulous that the problem hadn`t been rectified by McCarthy and the Wolves` coaches over the summer.

Realistically the board can`t afford a complete overhaul of the Wolves coaching staff, and I`m not 100% the disruption it would bring is entirely what the club would need right now. That being said, you would hope whichever manager does come in over the summer is allowed to bring in some of his own staff if they would so desire for fresh ideas around a club which feels slightly stale.

I would also hope he would give someone like Connor, who will have been at Wolves 13 years this summer, a chance to prove his worth in whichever role he sees as his next.

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