Date: 9th July 2018 at 9:00am
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Wolverhampton Wanderers’ signing of Portuguese international Rui Patricio this summer was met with amusement and shock amongst the fanbase.

I’m not going to go deep into Sporting’s issues and nor am I going to comment on the relevance or not of Patricio’s actions when it came to his contract at the club – suffice to say given what was going on at the club, he’s not alone in exercising what he believes is his right to walk away from the deal he signed given events that took place.

I’m not following their meltdown closely enough to offer any true opinion, other than to say from what I’ve read, it’s an ugly situation and I feel for their genuine fans and not the absolute idiots who turned up at their training ground.

It’s football – it isn’t everything and if your life is so shallow you think it is everything and it gives you an excuse for violence at your own club’s players, I’d recommend trying comedy, alcohol, sex or ensuring you don’t breed and attempt to educate the next generation of humans.

Maybe even cross-stitch – apparently that’s a thing?

A Bola via the Birmingham Mail report that Sporting have now filed a 54million Euro claim (£48million) against the club and the player for his contract cancellation and our subsequent signing of him.

It’s suggested we were in for him prior to the contract issues and although he has a reported 45million Euro buyout clause, we were only willing to go to £18million. It’s further claimed there was a tentative agreement at that price but it fell down at the last minute.

I find that questionable for a start – money isn’t exactly an option for us, and why would we or the player, go to these lengths and subsequent lengthy legal complaints that cost money instead of just finding an appropriate fee that saves a bucket load of time?

Wolves have clearly got a deal, Patricio has clearly got a deal for his own reasons but I don’t blame Sporting for looking at avenues to protect themselves either.

This is going to be a ‘thing’ for the media now until it’s settled and it’s certainly multifaceted but fans should trust Wolves would not have been the first club to take advantage of their player exodus if we hadn’t done our due diligence.

Fans shouldn’t be concerned about being forced to pay 45million Euros just as I’m sure Patricio isn’t concerned about the reported 9million Euro claim about him for the next two years salary. We aren’t talking to Saul (Breaking Bad) for legal advice, we’ll have taken advice from the same calibre of company Sporting now are.

Likely outcome really, if we had a previous bid in, is we’ll re-agree to that to keep life simple and if we do, if it was a previous bid, it’s well within our budget so will have no knock-on effect whatsoever.


6 Replies to “Club Are Being Less Than Sporting Over Goalkeeper Switch Apparently”

  • The reason the £18million wasn’t accepted was because the sporting president of whatever got greedy and asked for a further two million, so Wolves said no!
    They are trying it on so the club should take them all the way.

    • Thought it interesting this seemed to spark to life once he’d left…as others have said Sporting probably trying to resurrect old deal.

  • As there has been nothing official from either Sporting or FIFA that I have seen regarding this issue, it would appear that A Bola are ‘stirring’ and there will be nothing in it!
    The fee for Patricio was initiailly £15.75m then the now ex-President poked his nose in and upped the price to £18m.
    Patricio meanwhile had ‘cancelled his contract’ and effectively became a ‘free agent’meaning Wolves didn’t need to pay a fee BUT Wolves, realising future deals may arise with Sporting decided not take Patricio for free but offered to pay the original agreed amount (£15.75m) which certain sources at Sporting agreed, so it a mystery as to where A Bola’s claim originates from!
    This is probably just the media making something out of nothing or someone at Sporting realising that the club totally undervalued Patricio but then everyone makes mistakes and Wolves have capitalised on that mistake and got themselves a world class goalkeeper for a ridiculously low fee!
    Will Fifa be involved?
    No idea but if so, Sporting surely cannot claim £54m… can they?

    • Very good summation based on what I know. I have seen talk of FIFA being contacted though but the outlets claiming that don’t actually give any proof, which just strengthened my thought it was gaming to get a settlement that helps them save face. To my understanding they could only attempt to enforce the buy out or more likely, deemed fair market value. Some of that 54m Euro applies only to Patricio, so they certainly couldn’t get that from us – so lazy reporting to go for a bigger headline fee I would think.

  • Wolves may be trying to low-ball how much they have to pay and so Sporting is reciprocating by asking for more than they would if Wolves were being fair.
    And no contract is binding until both sides sign the agreement so they might have a valid point.

    • Certainly an amount of gaming going on I would think. Almost to invite a suitable settlement to avoid anything further. Wolves seem happy we’ve got him but I’ve seen mention of withholding international clearance – but I’m sure it’s posturing.

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