Date: 17th August 2010 at 3:27am
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Chief Executive Jez Moxey slammed Manchester City over the weekend for threatening to ‘distort football’ with their out of control spending.

The financial string puller told the Express & Star that ‘The Manchester City situation is not good for football in the Premier League.’

He went on to add that ‘Not only are they contributing in a big way towards spiralling wages and unrealistic demands elsewhere, but there is a risk that they could garner all of the talent.

It`s becoming so difficult for anyone else to compete both on a competitive and talent level but also on a financial level.

And they`re only able to do it because they`ve got sovereign wealth behind them.’

On transfer fees and wages, City have unloaded close to 500 million over the course of just two years, despite finishes of tenth and fifth which Moxey was keen to point out.

Moxey at no point suggested regulating, and it would be difficult to do so considering we were the third biggest spenders over the summer. Then again, there is a slight difference between 18 million and 125 million. My bets are on City struggling to beat the position they finished last season, and when the investors get bored, the club is most likely to be left with a wage bill in excess of 10 million per month.

For City, today may be a good day, but two, three years down the line they may not even exist.