Date: 23rd August 2010 at 9:43am
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There is probably not one Wolves fan who has turned up for work today without a smile on their face after the boys tacked a fourth point to the board just two games into the season against one established Premiership side and one of the best six.

Despite a poor first half at Goodison,Wolves stuck to the task, pressed in the second half and took what ultimately has to be a deserved point.

As we moved into stoppage time, Wolves looked like the side most likely to steal all three points which aside from anything else is testament to the outstanding fitness of our squad. Throughout Mick’s time at the club, and since Tony Daley was brought in in particular, the players have happily complained at the rigors of pre season but talked up it’s advantage which is proving one of our greatest unsung qualities.

Cast your mind back and try to remember the last time Wolves looked dead on their legs at the end of a game? Think back to the two wins over Spurs for example, and whilst it took every effort to hold onto those incredibly vital six points, the legs never gave way and it was a combination of tactics, heart and unwavering energy to the last.

Much is also said of the spirit within the club. Practically every player who walks through the door champions the togetherness and has managed to settle quickly.

No one tells it better than our friend Ronald Zubar, who wears his heart on his sleeve as much as anyone at the club. The way he talks you’d think he was born here.

The point at Everton on Saturday, a side who has consistently finished in the top six now for how many years (?) was the third we have taken from them in as many games.

Against similar opposition last season we were able to do the same, give or take- we took two points from Villa, we beat Spurs twice, we took a point from Liverpool at home and were on for another at Anfield, until a ridiculous sending off. At Arsenal we were less than a minute away from a draw.

Last season was a battle. A true battle from a squad who had flew from the Championship, yet added quantity over quality. This summer every signing has been one of absolute quality.

Ultimately, our survival last season, with weeks to spare and points on the board, proved ‘comfortable’. We have already beaten Stoke City, and taken third successive point from Everton.

Our latest poll garnered 52% of the vote in the favour of an Everton win. A quarter, myself included, went for the draw, the remaining quarter fancying a Wolves win.

As stated on the Everton site, I should start dropping a few pounds on results.

For those interested I answered a Q & A ahead of the game, which can be found on their site, A Vital Wolves View, at the end of which I called it 1-1 🙂

Wolves continue to upset the odds. Our true off days last season could be counted on a couple of fingers, and there are no signs that we are ready and prepared to take a pasting from anyone this season.

The weekend battle with Newcastle should be a special affair that has taken on all manner of new angles following their thrashing of Villa at the weekend.

We have enjoyed some tremendous battles over the years against Newcastle and this one is geared up for the same. Stand out wins involve the 4-1 win at St. James’ Park- one of those few occasions in football when the entire place stands on it’s feet to applaud one player (Steve Bull, who else) and the thrilling 3-2 cup win that saved Dave Jones’ the sack, and saved a season in disrepair.

I don’t think we will ship too many this year but I expect Newcastle to turn up on the crest of a wave and we will see one of the most open games of the season.

The same as acknowledging this is still going to prove a true battle of a season for Wolves, I stand by my assertion that Newcastle have not added enough this summer and will struggle. The thought tank tells me this will lead to a wide open game, with Newcastle pushing a couple of goals, but Wolves having too much and coming through with another 3-2.

Come five o clock on Saturday, whether there are 4,5 or 7 points on the board, we can take the above in to account, stand proud and know that as a Premiership club, we have arrived.

New York City Wolf